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Student and Parent Profile

Online Academy is an independent study program that is 100% virtual. It was designed specifically to complement the secondary student's (7-12) home schooling experience. The program offers a great deal of flexibility for students and families in faith-based communities, who desire a non-traditional learning experience, who are navigating medical/health challenges, who travel extensively, etc. We provide an exceptional opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma from an accredited school, authorized by the State of California, and that is staffed by highly qualified CA credentialed teachers. 

We have found the following profiles illustrate the characteristics needed for student success:

Online Academy student profile:
1. Demonstrated ability to do school work independently
2. Family support and accountability
3. Able to meet deadlines, take responsibility for learning
4. Comfortable meeting Online Academy teachers virtually

Online Academy parent profile:
1. Ensure an environment conducive for learning
2. Supportive of student's learning by checking in often
3. Encourage student to meet deadlines, take responsibility for their learning
4. Collaborate with Online Academy teachers