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Who We Are

School Leadership
As Online Academy’s Principal, Dr. Steve Charbonneau is the administrator in charge of Online Academy. Steve has a strong instructional technology background. He has previously served as a Technology Integration Specialist, has managed the implementation of 1:1 programs, developed district-wide technology plans, and has served as a principal at all levels K-12. With 25 years of experience, Steve is a long time Sonoma County resident and brings a personal touch in his service to students and their families.

Academy Teachers

As Online Academy Principal, Steve collaborates with a team of highly qualified credentialed teachers who have been trained in online instruction to provide a unique online learning experience. Online Academy teachers:

  • Respond to student needs via phone calls, text messages, emails or other forms of communications to provide direct instruction and any additional clarification
  • Respond to all emails, messages, and text messages from the students, parents, or site coordinators
  • Grade student work by providing feedback and encouragement
  • Monitor students’ progress and success
  • Prepare weekly progress report data which includes current grade, end date reminders, recommendations concerning student pace, progress, performance, and remediation as needed
  • Provide newly enrolled students an overview of help resources
  • Contact students that haven’t logged into program recently (typically five to seven days or more)